Gameday App Proposal

In April 2011, I approached the Jacksonville Jaguars with a mobile app concept dedicated to improving the game day experience for fans at EverBank Field.  The app was broken down into six key categories:


This would include the gameday schedule, including details regarding the national anthem and flyover, halftime show, special notes such as the featured military veteran of the day and other periphery information distributed in the team’s Gameday magazines handed out at the stadium.  This section would also be updated a few hours before kickoff with the day’s starting roster and injury report. In conjunction with the League, fantasy football information could also be added to this section, along with highlight videos, the live blog and realtime stats throughout the game.


This would include a searchable menu and map view of the various food options located around the stadium. Walking directions could also be provided once the stadium’s Wi-Fi buildout is sufficiently complete to allow for precise tracking, difficult to accomplish via GPS with the stadium structure obstructing a pinpoint connection with GPS satellites.  Special deals, available for a limited time and only to users of the Gameday App, could also be made available to fans. This would serve as an incentive to download and use the application and also help the organization divert traffic to food options with higher margins or help reduce the burden on heavily-trafficked concession stops by spreading demand more effectively.


This would include a map of the stadium, ticket prices and information and details about any special perks granted to season ticket or club seat holders.

Fan Guide

This would include the NFL’s fan code of conduct, guest services information, the ability to send a message to stadium security, stadium policies and procedures and other important information presently distributed in the paper Fan Guide packet.


This would include information relevant to disabled fans, such as information about the stadium’s wheelchair escort service, a map of elevators around the stadium, the stadium’s service animal policy and other relevant information.

Ask for Assistance

Located at the bottom of each screen within the app, the Ask for Assistance button would provide a direct connection to stadium security, allowing fans to text message or call security to ask for assistance with drunken or disorderly attendees, medical emergencies and other pressing needs.

I believe that this concept would work well not only for an NFL team, but also in other professional leagues and in many large college environments, as well. Graphically, the concept would need to be updated to mesh with new user interface standards introduced in iOS 7, but functionally the concept is perhaps even more valuable today than when it was first conceived in 2011. Please get in touch if you’re interested in learning more about how we can tailor this concept to fit your needs.