Jaguars Shield

Some Wear Cheese or Wave Towels. Some Do Better.

In early 2013, the Jacksonville Jaguars announced a comprehensive rebranding campaign that included a refresh of the team’s logo, which had not been revised since the team’s inception in 1995. A new secondary logo was also announced, initially described as a “patch” design meant to honor Jacksonville’s military heritage.

Shortly after the announcement, a passionate team fan named Andy approached Patrick Duffy and I and told us he believed the new logo, at a much larger size, seemed more appropriate as a shield rather than as a patch. He wondered if it would be possible to make a shield based on the secondary logo large enough to carry into the stadium on gameday. We set to work prototyping such a design, including both shoulder straps and hand holds, and a three-dimensional, textured design that made the team identity really stand out.

The prototypes we made were met with such rave reviews that we approached the team about having the design turned into an official product that could be sold to fans at the stadium. After providing senior leadership at the team with not only our initial prototypes but a feasibility study and marketing plan that I created, they moved swiftly to put the product into production with a licensed NFL partner. The shield can now be purchased at official team stores in the stadium in both adult and kids’ sizes.