PointsAway Book

437497742683In April 2014, I launched PointsAway: The Definitive Guide To Free Flights & Nights Worldwide, appearing first exclusively on iBooks for iPad and Mac.

This guidebook, weighing in at 25 chapters and more than 330 pages, covers key concepts and secrets for free travel before diving into comprehensive reviews of each major frequent flyer and hotel program. The book was designed as a dynamic experience, with embedded videos, slideshows and interactive tools to help make programs built to be complicated as simple to understand as possible.

The PointsAway book not only shows the best ways to earn and use miles and points, but also how to gain elite status, entry to airport lounges, upgrades in the air and at hotels and much more.

A Look Inside

PointsAway Trailer from Casey Ayers on Vimeo.

Best-Selling Performance

The PointsAway Book quickly vaulted to the position of #2 Travel Book on iTunes and was quickly followed by the launch of a PDF version compatible with PC, Android tablets and Kindle Fire devices. A third version, tailored specifically for Kindle eReaders, was released in May 2014 and became a Top 10 Travel Book during a launch promotion.

PointsAway: Essential Editions

Three smaller books followed up on the success of the full manual, focusing on three of the world’s largest and most popular frequent flyer programs. Each guide is available for just $2.99, exclusively on Kindle.

PointsAway’s Essential Guide to American Airlines

PointsAway’s Essential Guide to Delta Air Lines

PointsAway’s Essential Guide to United Airlines