At PointsAway, I help readers learn how to use frequent flyer miles and hotel loyalty programs to turn their travel dreams into reality.

Readers are encouraged to submit trips that are used as the basis for articles explaining step by step what frequent flyer, hotel or bank reward programs can be used most effectively to drive the price for travel down to $0.

Select PointsAway Features

  • A week-long series detailing the plan I made allowing my whole family to travel to London and Paris, stay at 5-star hotels in these world capitals and save more than $7,200.
  • A plan allowing a reader and her husband to travel from Jacksonville, Fla. to Sydney, Australia for only $125 per person.
  • A feature showing a reader how to travel from Chicago to Istanbul, Antalya and Luxembourg, all while flying in Business Class, for a total of just $66.40.
  • A case study laying out how the founders of a charity helping children in Namibia can travel to Africa to ensure the charity’s mission is being accomplished on the ground while saving more than $8,800 that can go right back to helping kids.
  • Helping a Jaguars fan to travel to St. Louis to see his team battle the Rams. We found a way to procure roundtrip airfare, 2 nights in the Hyatt Regency near the Gateway Arch and a lower-bowl ticket to the game for a grand total of free.

Project Pacific Circle

In July 2014, to further prove out the tips and tricks discussed on the site and in the companion book, I embarked on a whirlwind, 14-day, 25,000 mile journey called Project Pacific Circle. Flying Business Class for the vast majority of the trip, I saved literally tens of thousands of dollars when compared with the cash price for this trip, proving just how valuable PointsAway’s strategies can be for readers interested in bringing their own travel dreams to life.

PointsAway: The Book

In April 2014, I launched the first edition of PointsAway: The Definitive Guide to Free Flights & Nights Worldwide on iPad, Kindle and as a PDF download.

Learn more about this best-selling travel guide here.